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In August 2018, Sans Soucis and her musical collective are returning to Mthunzi Centre, Zambia. Supported by ARDI Group and the PRS Foundation, they will deliver a music education programme based on collective music making.

Support them to raise the mandatory donation for the Mthunzi Centre, record the single “Someone Like You” and produce a documentary lm about the experience. The outcome of the project is to be showcased next year at the People of African Descent Week.



A slice of pure acoustic soul. Over nothing more than a gently strummed guitar, Sans Soucis’ gorgeous vocals glide effortlessly, as she delivers a message of self-love and pride.


Daffodils is something straight out of a summer festival nirvana. You not only hear but experience the musical heritage of a multitude of musical territories. The title track feels as organic as if the band were jamming in a room next door and the uplifting groove on Panta Rei has incredibly personality.

~ About To Blow