Sans Soucis Experience is a collective of musicians that made its first steps into the London World Music scene at the end of 2017 after joining Sans Soucis, an Italo-Congolose afro-soul artist based in the UK. Sans Soucis means “no worries” and it’s our philosophy. We are a free movement of artists that make music for people in order to find a collocation where they feel inspired and free to express themselves.

Coming from different countries and meeting in the heart of Europe brings together various musical and cultural influences as well as shared love for our own folk music - Central African, European and border interests in Hip-Hop, Jazz and Soul.

We also collaborate with local artists on socially relevant causes, to expand and revolution the current live music experience and open up a bridge between different forms of artistic expression in function of a concept. With this project we’re giving a name and a voice to whoever likes us and believes that art is the most powerful tool to communicate, inspire people, move them, change them and most importantly represent and unify them.

Members: Giulia Grispino (lead vocal, guitar), Yohan Kebede (piano), Nicolas Haag (guitar), Jonathan Moko (bass), Corrie Dick (drums), Liv Barath (backing vocals), Caitlin Sinclair (backing vocals), Jaka Skapin (Band Manager, backing vocals), Andriana Lagoudes (Art Director).

Sans Soucis gratefully acknowledges support from PRS for Music Foundation's Woman Make Music.